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Mobile IV Hydration Therapy - Serving Gulf Coast Pensacola


Our Medical Team

We have a team of highly experienced ER RN’s who have years of experience in the medical field. They are all under the lead of Dr. Casey Fisher who mandates nothing less than safe, efficient and affordable care.


At IV LIFT you dont need to be hauling in a professional athlete salary to have access to the same IV Hydration treatments and therapy they use to recover. We made our price point affordable to everyone.

"IV lift came to my rescue today! I was feeling tired and hungover and had a 100.5 fever after celebrating a holiday party. During the treatment my fever went down to 98.1 within MINUTES and I felt 100% better once my IV was finished. Chrystal and Ashley both came to my house to treat my husband and I and both girls were sweet, warm, and made us feel very comfortable! We also felt very confident in them as health care providers and will definitely be using them in the future!"

- Heather M

Our Story

In 2015, two friends, both collegiate athletes and medical professionals, identified a need in San Diego for Hydration Therapy only used by pro-athletes or provided in ER settings. They believed that everybody deserved to have access to hydration therapy and recover like a pro. So, they decided that the best way to help the greatest number of people in San Diego was not just to wait for people in need, but also to go to them. The concept of the IV-LIFT Mobile IV Therapy Unit was born… it is now a reality! IV-LIFT was created to help everyday people, athletes or businessmen rejuvenate after a night out, a tough competition of a long trip.

In 2020 After serving the people of San Diego, IV lift has decided to expand to a second location based out of the Gulf Coast of Florida. We look forward to helping people of the Gulf Coast get the LIFT they need!


Dr. Sonya Ahmed


Chrystal Fowler

Regan Wall

Regan Wall

Business Manager


We proudly serve all of Greater San Diego County.
We also have a new location Florida's Gulf Coast!


Daily: 9am - 6pm