The History of IV Drip Therapy
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  • Apr 04, 2017

While IV drip therapy is making a debut into the world as a go-to for optimum health and wellness, it is, in fact, an evolutionary procedure that began in the 1600s! In the mid-1650s Sir Christopher Wren used a goose quill and an animal bladder to inject dogs with opium and wine as an experiment; but it wasn’t until a few years later when the first successful injection in man was made.

Skipping a few centuries, continuous experiments were conducted and an increase in fluid and electrolyte knowledge grew. It was in the early 1900s when a metal needle was used for injections and intravenous fluid transfers. From then on, intravenous treatments were strictly used for individuals who were sick and in hospitals.

As time passed several milestones in the evolution of IV therapy continued were reached with Dr. Fred R. Klenner’s Vitamin C treatments and William Kaufman’s super doses of Vitamin B3 for arthritis. Then came Dr. John Myers who majorly popularized the use of IV therapy for a variety of medical conditions; which is now the well-known “Myers’ Cocktail” treatment.

Now-a-day, IV drip therapy can be used by anyone on a journey towards health and wellness. The benefits of an IV therapy treatment are enormous: The vitamins and elements of the IV cocktails are 100% absorbed into the blood stream, provide optimum hydration, provide support to the immune system and can be customized to a person’s needs

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